New Mom Tip: Baby Hair Falling Out Is Normal

Tuesday April 17th 2007, 6:49 am
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Lorri Colbert was kind enough to share this little tidbit of helpful information with us! I agree with her–there are so many surprises in motherhood that you never read about in books! If you’ve got a “Things They Never Told Me” tip, send it to me at
In the meantime, you can visit Lorri’s Mary Kay web site here.

My experience as a new mom in my mid thirties included something I didn’t read in the ‘mom to be or your first child type books’! Giving my son a bath and gently washing his head was usually an enjoyable experience. Imagine my horror as I removed the washcloth from the back of his head and it was covered with his beautiful hair! I was sure I injured him or at least something was terribly wrong! No, new mom, it is a very natural thing for the soft baby hair to fade as stronger hair follicles come in. It may not happen as dramatically as being removed all at once with a washcloth, but whether you see it or not it is ok!

[...] New Mom Tip: Baby Hair Falling Out Is Normal [...]

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