Getting Your Kids Involved in Outdoor Chores

Tuesday May 22nd 2007, 7:49 am
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Now that spring is here you will be able to tackle lots of chores in the backyard. Perhaps you are even thinking of cleaning out the garage. If so; here are some tips for getting your kids involved in outdoor chores.

With the very harsh weather our country has been experiencing, you may want to begin to clear out your flower beds, prepare a compost pile, and generally prepare your backyard for additional planting such as an herb garden. As soon as the weather gets a bit warmer, there are plenty of chores your entire family can participate in. Make a list of all of the tasks you have to accomplish, and make a list assigning each member of your family to handle one chore.

* Assign an older child to rake the leaves and younger children to put them into a bag. Of course, they will want to stomp on the leaves and jump in them before they put them in the bag! Fun moments like this make outdoor chores more enjoyable for everyone.

* Have another child help you clear out the flower beds or help you pull out weeds.

* Have each member of your family help you spread the mulch.

* Have the kids start a compost pile.

* Maybe dad and son may want to build a new birdhouse or a bat house. (bats are wonderful for eating mosquitoes, so attracting them to your property may be more beneficial than you expected!)

* You may decide to put a rock border around your flower bed.

* One of the children can accompany dad to buy fertilizer.

There are probably more chores you can think of to assign to each family member. Depending upon the weather, of course, working in the backyard or garden allows your kids to not only have fun, but become involved in every aspect of planting. Perhaps your daughter would like to plant some special flowers.

Keeping the chores short, with fun bursts in between, and taking the children’s attention span and interests into consideration will help make things more fun for everyone.

The more you involve your kids, the easier it will be getting your kids involved in outdoor chores. They will not only have the opportunity to see the backyard come to life, but will begin to appreciate nature as well.

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