Tuesday Tip: How to get blood out of fabric

Tuesday November 07th 2006, 12:54 pm
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The best thing I’ve found for getting blood out of fabric is hydrogen peroxide. Just pour enough hydrogen peroxide onto the blood to cover it. Let it sit and fizz away until the bubbles dissipate. For some fabrics you may need to turn it over and repeat the procedure. (this works great on furniture and carpeting as well)

After that I usually rinse with cold water, and then rub in some liquid soap or laundry detergent and let it sit until time to wash. Normally the blood stains are completely gone once I pull the item out of the wash. (always check, though–you don’t want to dry in a stain!)

When I saw the title of today’s post, I thought to myself, “I hope she says peroxide!” My husband introduced me to this cleaning method many years ago and it has saved a lot of clothes that could have been potentially ruined by bloody noses. After we let the peroxide fizz a little bit, we just hold a washcloth to the back of the fabric and the blood actually sifts to the washcloth, without any rubbing at all. It’s a pretty cool process to wash. Thanks for the tip and for moms who haven’t tried it yet - definitely keep this trick in your back pocket for when you need it!

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